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Thunderbird Backup Inefficiencies

Thunderbird stores all your e-mails in its profile directory. Each folder in Thunderbird is stored as a single file on disk. So all the e-mails in your Thunderbird Inbox are stored in a single file called ‘Inbox’ in your Thunderbird … Continue reading

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Secure File Deletion

Sometimes there are files that you want to make sure are gone, not just removed from the file index, but physically removed from the disk so they cannot be recovered even if you knew where they were on the disk. … Continue reading

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Firefox & Thunderbird Profiles

On my Linux box I use Thunderbird for handling all my email and Firefox is my default browser. Even if I don’t eventually remain using them I would like to copy their respective profiles across to my Mac so I … Continue reading

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My new Mac

I’d been looking for a new laptop for a while, my current one was starting to show it’s age. The battery didn’t even last an hour and the fan inlet was on the bottom so you couldn’t put it on … Continue reading

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